See How Easily You Can Increase Your Curb Appeal

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Your siding is one of the most important elements of your home’s curb appeal. If your siding is cracked or faded, guests and potential buyers will notice right away. To make your house the envy of the neighborhood, you need to upgrade your siding. Premier Edge Construction Inc. can replace all kinds of damaged siding, including wood and aluminum.

Call us at 800-537-EDGE (3343) to get started on your siding replacement in Elgin, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland areas. If a severe storm damages your siding, call us immediately for emergency services.

3 signs you need to replace your gutters

Gutter damage can be tricky to spot, especially in older homes. If you think your gutters might be damaged, look out for these signs:

Your gutters are cracked or split. Repair them immediately before they can leak water into your home.

They’re sagging away from the edge of your roof. This could mean your gutters are too heavy.

You find water marks inside your home or down by the foundation. This is usually a sign that your gutters are overflowing or leaking.

To replace your old gutters immediately, call us at 800-537-EDGE (3343). To protect your new gutters, we can add gutter guards to your home in Elgin, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland area.